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Urine Absorbent Gel Material

Oct 27th,2022

As we know,paper diapers can absorb lots of urine.Then what material let it happens ? The secret is the super absorbent gel material —Sodium Polyacrylate. What is it? As a absorbent gel material , sodium polyacrylate is a function polymer that can absorb water hundreds times its weight.Then ,turn to water gel and lock the water very well.

How absorbent gel material works?

SAP consists of a set of polymeric chains that are parallel to each other and regularly linked to each other by cross-linking agents, thus forming a network. When water comes into contact with one of these polymeric chains, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis. Water rapidly migrates into the interior of the super absorbent polymer network where it is stored. As the soil or substrate dries out, the polymer then releases up to 95% of the absorbed water back into the soil.


Agricultural Grade Applications

Widely used in agriculture, forestry and gardening, such as soil water retention agent, seed coating, soil-less cultivation, artificial turf, etc.


-Improve seed germination and give plants an early, health start.

-Save the irrigation,increase crops and fruit yield. -Release the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

Hygienic Grade Applications

Mainly used in Hygiene Products such as Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Nursing Pad and Pet Pad ect. Good Performance In : -Absorption Rate -Absorption Under Pressure -Retention Capacity After Centrifugation


Industrial Grade Applications

Industrial grade SAP can be mainly used in sandbag, protection material of concre,waterproof tape and waterproof ointment for using in optical fiber cables and so on.


Other Applications

Air Fresher,Cooling Material,Expanding Toys,Additives of Cosmetics , Additives Special Functional Coatings. Please Click The Button When You Interested This Product :

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