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Ice Pack Gel




Ice Pack Gel

Ice Packs Gel are mainly composed of outer packaging and SAP. After water injection (water absorption), the SAP in the ice pack absorbs water into hydrogel, which can be used repeatedly as an ice pack after freezing. This type of ice pack is widely used in medical, cold chain transportation, food preservation and other fields.

We have built a product line including raw materials for ice packs and finished gel ice packs, including water injection ice packs, self priming type ice packs, gel ice packs, ice bricks and other categories.

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• Food Grade--Safe to use

• Cooling for 24h---Efficient and stable performance

• Non-toxic & Harmless----Eco-friendly

• Less Dosage & Save Cost---Reusable products

How to use?

Water injection ice pack :

1. Insert the tap into the mouth of ice pack and inject water into it as needed.

2. After inner material become hydrogel, put it into refrigerator for 6 hours. Then it can be used as ice pack.

Gel ice pack

Put the gel ice pack directly into refrigerator for 6 hours, then it can be used.

Self-priming Type Ice Pack:

1. Put it into water for 3-5 minutes with non-woven fabrics face down.

2. Wipe water on surface of non-woven fabrics when take it out.

3. Put it into refrigerator with non-woven fabrics face up for more than 6 hours, then it can be used.

FAQs About Gel Ice Pack

  • How long do i need to freeze gel ice packs for?

    We recommend freezing smaller gel ice packs (100g or less) for at least 12 hours. For larger gel ice packs we recommend a freezing time of 24 hours. Do note that freezing times may vary depending on the freezer, temperature and quantity of gel ice packs being frozen at once. Gel ice packs are ready to use when the liquid contained is frozen solid. Gel ice pack can also be the better choice for cold-chain transportation of food & medicine since it can provide the proper low temperature without melting water running around. It is also reusable and anti-bacteria.

  • How long does SOCO® gel ice pack last?

    For the most part, gel ice packs are the easiest solution for cold shipping. Because they freeze at a lower temperature than ice, they tend to last longer, usually about 24-36 hours (depending on how well insulated a package is).

  • What temperatures do gel ice packs keep items cool at?

    Gel ice packs typically keep items at a temperature range of between 5-20 C. The range is dependent on the ratio of ice gel pack to volume of the container. The more empty space is filled with gel ice packs, the colder it is.

  • Are gel ice packs safer to use than dry ice?

    Unlike gel ice packs, dry ice is considered a hazardous material. What that means is dry ice is subject to additional shipping regulations and special handling, specifically when shipping by air. Gel ice packs, on the other hand, don’t have the restrictions when shipping by air and can even be traveled with according to the TSA guidelines (see question on the 3-1-1 rule).

  • Are SOCO® gel ice packs for food dangerous?

    SOCO® gel ice packs are designed to not leak under most circumstances but if they do, they are non-toxic and do not contain any hazardous materials. The gel in freezer packs is usually a polymer mixed with water, they should be relatively safe. Note however, to be on the safe side, if a gel ice pack does leak into your food, we don’t recommend eating or serving it.

  • How many gel ice packs do i need?

    Typical gel ice pack use requires only 1 piece per insulated container when transporting food items. The size of the gel ice pack required is dependent on the travel duration and size of the container. For smaller containers (take away sized) we recommend 1 piece of the 100g OEM Gel ICE Pack or 40g Streampeak Gel ICE Pack. For medium size we’d recommend 1-2 pieces of the larger size depending on the space available.

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