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SOCO® Polymer for Waste Landfill & Slurry solidification




SOCO® Polymer for Waste Landfill & Slurry solidification

SOCO® Polymer is used to solidify and stabilize water constituents in liquid waste by-products. The unique characteristic of it is the ability to absorb water or organic fluids, reject oil and resist bio-degradation while retaining liquid under pressure. This makes it an ideal stabilizing medium for waste disposal in landfills. Also it is harmless, non-toxic and eco-friendly with the benefit of cost-saving.

SOCO® Polymer is suitable for waste landfill & sludge solidification, dredging for dredger, environmental remediation of contaminated site, unused latex paint, drilling & tunneling, medical waste solidification, etc. 

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Introduction of Waste Landfill & Slurry solidification

Industrial waste streams vary by salinity, temperature and chemical composition, so we offer multiple grades of SOCO® Polymer to match the economic and performance requirements for each industrial solidification project.


• Chemically bonds with water and won' t release liquid

• Minimizes waste volume because typical expansion is less than 1%

• Mixes quickly to improve production efficiency

• Reduce waste transportation and disposal costs compared to other bulking agents

FAQs About Waste Landfill & Slurry Solidification

  • Why is super absorbent polymer added to sludge?

    In wastewater treatment plants, super absorbent polymer is primarily used to help manage the process of drying and consolidating sludge. That's because even completely clean water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon, and a 90-95% water sludge mixture is very expensive to move, process and dispose. Super absorbent polymer can help to save the cost and optimize the process.

  • How does super absorbent polymer use in the water treatment process?

    Super absorbent polymer has the proper three dimensional net structure which enhances the ability to combine itself with large quantities of liquid and hold the water from releasing.

  • Does super absorbent polymer dissolve in water?

    A hydrogel crystal (sometimes called a "disappearing crystal," "water crystal," or "superabsorbent gel,") is a long chain of molecules bonded together to form a superabsorbent polymer that does not dissolve, but forms a gel when placed in water.

  • Is SOCO® polymer bad for the environment??

    SOCO® Polymer is nontoxic, harmless and eco-friendly. It has passed the oral toxicity test and heavy metal detection..

  • What is the dosage proportion of SOCO® waste landfill & sludge polymer ?

    1% of the total weight of the processed material.

  • What is sludge and how is it formed?

    Sludge is a water-formed sedimentary deposit which may include all suspended solids carried by the water and trace elements in solution in the water. Sludge may be formed from a combination of whatever suspended materials are in the water, including loose corrosion products, insoluble mineral precipitates and oil.

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