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Potassium polyacrylate|Agricultural super absorbent polymer

Aug 31st,2022

SOCO potassium polyacrylate is a functional polymer material with particularly strong water absorption capacity. Water is released and absorbed repeatedly, so people in agriculture compare it to a “micro reservoir”. At the same time, it can also absorb fertilizers and pesticides and release them slowly to increase fertilizer efficiency and medicinal effects. Super absorbent resin is widely used in agriculture, forestry, gardening, etc.

Product Features:

Used for fruit trees and flowers, afforestation, soilless cultivation, plant preservation and transportation, field crops, etc.

Preserving moisture and saving water, can effectively inhibit water evaporation and prevent soil erosion, even under irrigation conditions, it can still save more than 50% of water.

Improve the soil structure, so that the heavy soil, the sandy soil with leaking fertilizer and the secondary saline-alkali soil can be improved, while promoting the development of soil microorganisms and improving the turnover and utilization efficiency of soil organic matter.

Long service life, with the characteristics of multiple polymers, it can repeatedly absorb water to expand and release contraction, and the service life can reach more than 2 years in production.

Water storage does not rot the roots. The water-retaining agent molecules absorb enough water to swell into hydrogel crystals, and the roots will not rot even if they are close to the plant roots.

Stable performance Even in extreme drought, it will not suck up plant water.

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